Top Posts From AJBlogs 08.07.17

Sunrise, Sunset and Subjective Connections
Can we name a universal aesthetic experience, one that all peoples around the globe have encountered from the beginning of humanity to the present?  Probably not.  But if we wanted to come close, we could … read more
AJBlog: Infinite Curves Published 2017-08-07

The Artist in His Studio – Matisse: and These are a Few of His Favourite Things
The artist’s studio is different things to different people. I’ve been in quite a few of these (often magical) spaces. The first I can remember is Barbara Hepworth’s in Cornwall, and most of what … read more
AJBlog: Plain English Published 2017-08-07

Backenroth And Fischer, Stenmark & Piatruba
Swedish bassist Hans Backenroth and Danish guitarist Jacob Fischer played in the 11th century Klosterkyrkan, not far from Ystad’s center. Among the most experienced European jazz … read more
AJBlog: RiffTides Published 2017-08-07

Milstein vs. Szigeti
My frustrations with a recent performance of Brahms’ Violin Concerto sent me to youtube in search of something different: an act of therapy. … read more
AJBlog: Unanswered Question Published 2017-08-06


Article source here:The Arts Journal


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